Members Wanted: Become A Firefighter

Why would I want to volunteer?
• Have you ever seen a fire engine scream by and wondered what was going on?
• Have you ever encountered an accident or emergency and wished you could help in some way?
• Do you have time to spare and have a desire to help others in a new and exciting way?
• Do you want to become more involved in your community?
• Do you want to make lifelong friendships and encounter new challenges?

“Firefighting may not be for everyone but volunteering can be”

The field of Fire and Rescue is one of the most challenging, diverse, and exciting things you can do. Everyone volunteers for a different reason. Some like the adrenaline rush, some feel a calling, or some feel the need to be a part of something greater than themselves. Whatever the reason may be, ask any of our members if they would trade their experiences with us for anything and their answer will always be the same. “Not in a million years!”.